Our Promise

We promise to create sustainable, affordable, inspirational and flexible spaces for today’s consumers and tomorrow’s technology and ways of living and working. At the core of this is our commitment to ESG.


Our developments aim to deliver high-quality environments, with an approach to building design which ensures flexibility and long-term functionality. We limit the initial and ongoing environmental impact through an exemplary construction, energy, emissions and waste management strategy.


We support the wellbeing of our end-users by establishing public realm opportunities for recreation and social interaction in mixed use ‘around the clock’ settings. We engage with and empower our communities to foster a sense of ownership and an inclusive ethos to support community vitality and longevity.


Through a mix of green purchasing; stakeholder and community focussed engagement; monitoring of energy use and waste management; our commitment to the highest standards of governance is demonstrated by exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

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for 1 New Park Square

This report discusses the processes and initiatives which are integrated into the development and operation of the scheme in order to fulfil these aims, identifying them as endeavours founded on Environmental, Social or Governance (ESG) principles.

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Our Principles

We achieve our promise by following three core principles:

Human Design

We care deeply about the quality of our developments and know that a design-led approach to creating new places has a positive impact on people as well as the commercial value of places.

Cultural Core

We think that culture helps places thrive. Our long-standing commitment to the arts is reflected through the vibrant mixed-use schemes and amenities we deliver.

Long-term View

We evaluate investments over a long-term horizon and add value through continued support and active management of a place over its evolution.