Celebrating Women - International Women's Day


Celebrating Women - International Women's Day






At Parabola, we are proud of and feel privileged to work with some wonderful women.

Below are just a few of the incredible and varied women who have, and continue to, contribute significantly to the ongoing development, placemaking and overall success in achieving the vision for Edinburgh Park. A little more about them below.

Amy Sibley-Allen – Music Programmer

Amy is Patina’s music programmer, scheduling the live music every Sunday at 13:00. After programming music for venues in London and Brighton for many years, she now works freelance as a creative producer, arts & travel writer and is developing her own visual art practice. In her spare time, you’ll find her taking her campervan out into nature with her dog Ziggy, singing and playing the guitar or jumping in the sea.

Lindsay Defesche – Community and Marketing Manager

Lindsay is Parabola’s Community and Marketing Manager and has been passionate about the Edinburgh Park development since joining the company in 2017. Lindsay is working on building a strong community – promoting wellbeing, events, inclusion and enjoyment of the spaces both developed and planned. Lindsay is also passionate about travelling and will be visiting her 70th country this year.

Louise Plant - Sculptor

Louise studied sculpture with the Open College of Arts in 1992 and later at Doncaster Art College. Her studies continued in Cambridge at Wysing Arts and in Italy at Global Stone Workshops, Carrara and at Fondazione Sem, Pietrasanta.

In her spare time… well, she loves the concept of spare time! If only! Sculpture and its form can, one way or another, occupy thought and deed much of every day. As Louise enjoys this level of immersion, she’s pretty happy with that.  Sometimes a refresher can come from a walk on the beach or a sea swim and living in south Devon. Louise has access to some of the most inspiring coastline in the UK. Forms moving through water are part of this experience and there she goes…back to sculpture...

Kirsty MacGregor – Legal Director

Kirsty is Parabola’s Legal Director and enjoys working closely with the wider Parabola team on all aspects of the business, and particularly the arts based elements. She chairs the Edinburgh Park management company and is also a trustee on Edinburgh Printmakers board.

Janette Ayachi – Poet

Janette is a London-born Edinburgh-based Scottish-Algerian poet with a BA in Combined Honours in English Literature and Film & Media from Stirling University, and an MSc in Creative Writing: Poetry from Edinburgh University. Janette is Edinburgh Park’s Poet in Residence and has named the streets, written poetry and continues to curate and develop Edinburgh Park’s literary zine, Polaris.

Elizabeth Whitehead – Building and Community Assistant

Elizabeth is 1 New Park Square’s Building and Community Assistant. She has a degree in BA Hons Textiles Design and experience in retail having previously worked at Tommy Hilfiger. When not looking after the building and tenants you will find Elizabeth always working towards something, from being active at the gym, training for charity runs or being creative with her appreciation for Art and Design.

Jasmine Johnson - Solicitor

Jasmine is Parabola’s Solicitor and specialises in commercial property. She completed her LLB Law Honours degree and Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Edinburgh. In her spare time Jasmine is kept busy by her lovely little boy and loves music, cooking, playing badminton and spending time with her family and friends.

Ann Christopher RA – Sculptor

Ann Christopher was born in Watford in 1947 and lives and works near Bath. After attending Harrow School of Art she studied sculpture at the West of England College of Art, and became at the time the youngest female sculptor to be elected to the Royal Academy in 1980.

Edinburgh Park showcases “Square Line” as a wonderful welcome arrival from the Edinburgh Park Central Tram stop to 1 New Park Square. Christopher’s elegant and powerful sculptures are the physical representation of decades of visual inquiry.

This year (2024) Ann has won a competition to create a bronze sculpture to be presented to the 'Women's Non-Fiction Writer of the Year' which will become an annual event. She is also coordinator of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2024 (currently working through the 16.5K open submission with her team of fellow academicians) and has a solo exhibition planned at Pangolin London towards the end of 2024.

Eszter Tamas – Accounts Assistant

Eszter supports the Parabola finance team as Accounts Assistant. She holds a MA in Economics and Management from Heriot Watt University. Aside from her love of numbers Eszter likes hiking and exploring Scotland in her free time.

Margaret Henley – Assistant

Working with Peter for over 30 years, Margaret is Parabola’s longest serving employee. From the very beginning she has stayed loyal through changes and gone along the journey from Central Square in Newcastle to supporting the Music Foundation in Kings Place, London.

Karen Black – Finance Manager

Karen is Parabola’s Finance Manager and meticulously looks after the company’s finances along with Rosie and Eszter. Karen is an ICAS Chartered Accountant and has an MA in Accountancy and Finance from Heriot Watt University. In her spare time Karen enjoys curling, camping and going to gigs.

Geffen, Ola and Olga – Patina Bakery

These ladies are a key part of the Patina team – the massive asset to Edinburgh Park bringing exceptional management, service and delicious food to the area.

Geffen is one of the owners of Patina and brings Mediterranean influence and love of food to life in this wonderful restaurant.

You’ll know Ola from the bakery, she keeps things running smoothly. Behind the scenes is Olga, the magic hands and talent bringing you delicious sour dough and pastries!

Rosie Spolton-Dean – Finance Director

Rosie has been with Parabola for 10 years in 2024 and is now Parabola’s Finance Director, responsible for the overall financial management of the business. She is an ICAEW chartered accountant and holds an Honours degree in Economics from Durham University. When not at work Rosie enjoys countryside walks with her family, and Patina’s pastries!